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Fashawn releases “Official” Tim Bradley walkout song “Champion” (Produced by Exile)‏

Fashawn releases a new record he created for WBO World Champion Timothy Bradley aka The Desert Storm who defends his title against Manny Pacqiauo April 12th at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. Fashawn and Tim got the chance to meet up last week during his training camp (See Video by 2DopeTV below)and it was only fitting Fashawn released the record before fight week begins for Bradley’s rematch next week. Produced by Exile (Boy Meets World, Below The Heavens), this hard hitting gritty beat reminds you about the tough road it takes to get to the top and Fashawn personifies that in this record. With lines like “and for the record, i never lost, gotta respect the God..” Fashawn shows his hunger as to why he’s one of the best MC’s of this generation and why he will rise to the top in 2014.

Look for Fashawn to perform “Champion” Live in front of Millions Worldwide April 12th on HBO PPV.

Listen below then purchase the song on itunes.

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Fashawn Reveals Nas is Interested in Signing Him

After performing with Nas on SXSW, Fashawn sits down with Bluntiq Magazine and reveals that Nas is interested in signing the Fresno MC as one of the first artists on his label.

“My team and Nas’ team have been in cahoots for like the past year or so, trying to get me to put my ink on a certain piece of paper. It hasn’t happened yet. Nas is the owner of a label. I can’t say which label yet…he wants one of his first artists to be me. Our teams are going back and forth.”

Fash also talks about the first time meeting with Nas saying, “He’s on tour with Hennessy he’s doing so much…Life is Good album, he’s just touring. I’m doing my thing…So we never got the chance to actually link. In the midst of all these talks going on, Nas was like ‘I’m going to fly this kid out to SXSW, personally. I’ll pay for his ticket.’ Because I did not plan on going to SXSW. I still don’t have a release date for The Ecology, so I thought it would be kind of stupid for me to go out there…But I couldn’t say no to Nas.”

After flying Fashawn to SXSW, Nas pulled him on stage to perform his legendary song If I Ruled the World. “ I only went there to shake hands with him and look him face to face. He decided to pull me on stage, not once but twice. I got to go on stage and do “Fuck the Whole World” off my new album…and “If I Ruled the World”. A song that is embedded in my memory forever. I was honored.”

Fashawn has came a long way since his XXL Freshmen Cover and reveals what all has happened since then, including Nas wanting to sign him. How he has grown as an artist and what all that he has ahead of him including his ambitions and dreams and wanting to live on his own terms, and how he wants to influence the next generation of upcoming emcees to “ Rhyme for themselves and not rhyme for anyone else.” Something he did in the beginning to get heard but learned that you just need to be yourself and thats what he wants to instill in the next generation.

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Aloe Blacc recently reunited with longtime partner Exile to perform live onstage as Emanon during the Okayplayer x Soulection Showcase at SXSW 2014. Watch Aloe ripping the mic and Exile crushing the mpc below.

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This April be sure to peep Blu and Exile, Dag Savage, Quelle Chris, and Denmark Vessey in UK or EU at any of the dates below.

Wed 2 – Brighton, Concorde2 (uk)
Thu 3 – Paris, La Bellevoise (france)
Fri 4 – Rennes, Dooinit Festival (france)
Sat 5 – Winterthur, Albani (switzerland)
Tue 8 – Copenhagen, Loppen (denmark)
Wed 9 – Berlin, Cassiopeia (germany)
Thu 10 – Hamburg, Stellwerk (germany)
Fri 11 – Münster, Skaters Palace (germany)
Sat 12 – Brussels, Bluefunk Apt (LA BALSAMINE) (belgium)
Mon 14 – Strasbourg, Molodoi (france)
Tue 15 – Mannheim, Alte Feuerwache (germany)
Wed 16 – Leipzig, Conne Island (germany)
Thu 17 – Stockholm, Fasching (sweden)
Fri 18 – London, Scala (uk)
Sat 19 – München, Feierwerk (germany)
Sun 20 – Lecce, Arci Freak Out (blu & exile only) (italy

Feb-27-2014 -BY- REC -IN-

Old times Sake – Dag Savage (Official Music Video)

Dag Savage (Exile and Johaz) bring you their latest video “For Old Times Sake” from there freshmen album entitled “E&J” listen to there album below on an earlier post, or show some love and break bread for the vinyl or cd HERE, or on iTunes.

Feb-18-2014 -BY- REC -IN-